Race Night Instructions – Read Carefully

Start Point:West Austin Park

Time: Friday Night – 7:45pm show up – 8:15pm start

How race will start:  At 8:15pm we will post the location of Check Point 1 on the Night Ops Challenge Facebook Page. A team will not be able to begin the course until all of its members sign a liability waiver. We will hand these out at the start point. To view the waiver, click here.


  1. Smartphone with the ability to take / send pictures, view facebook, view Youtube, and GPS capabilities
  2. Prescribed weight for your gender.  Water and food do not count as weight but mission-essential clever items do count towards weight
  3. Pen / Paper
  4. Sturdy shoes – minimalist shoes not recommended.
  5. Headlamp / Flashlight
  6. 1 Liter of water
  7. Change of clothes – suggested since you’ll be a dirty little athlete


  1. Your Team must remain on foot
  2. You must keep your weight with the team (20lbs male – 10lbs female)
  3. You must have a headlamp / flashlight on with each team member

How the race works: This course is roughly 6-7 miles in length.  Expected completion time is 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Along the course is a series of checkpoints that have tasks assigned to them.  You will not find out the tasks until you arrive at the first checkpoint.  Look for the Red X.  It will have a URL below it that you will need to put into your phone and will give you your first set of instructions.  Attention to detail and following instructions is critical to success in this race.  Further instructions will be provided via URL’s and text messages throughout the race.  Sound kinda vague….well it is supposed to…..

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded for 1-3rd place teams.  We will also give out a prize for whoever has the most creative load out of equipment and whoever gets their ass kicked the most.

After Party:  Prizes, Booze and food for sale will be available at the after party.  For non-competitors there is a $15 fee to drink our beer, vodka, sangria, wine, and margaritas.  The after party will be from 9:30pm to midnight at Zocalo cafe on 1110 West Lynn Street.  After that we’ll move to the Tiniest bar in Texas by the Whole foods downtown.

Questions?  Email us at INFO@Nightopschallenge.com