1) Can I compete in Night Ops?

Depends on who you are.  If you are unfit, unmotivated, and need your mom to figure out how to go to the bathroom, Night Ops might not be for you.

However if you can run/walk 7-9 miles under load, play well with others, and like some challenge with your fun, you are good to go. Based on the feedback from the first Night Ops, you’ll have a blast.

Also, about a third of the athletes participating in the first Night Ops were women, and the 1st-4th place teams were all co-ed teams.

2) What is the loading?

Men must start and finish the race at 20lbs and women at 10lbs.  This is weight that you will have on your person at the end of the race.  Fuel and water will be consumed during the challenge and are not considered towards measuring the loading requirements.

3) Will I have to swim?  

Not unless you want to.  But we can’t keep other teams from choosing an aquatic route between checkpoints, so you might have to get wet if you want to win.

4) What makes a team?

Five motivated individuals working together. They can be co-ed or not.

5) How long is the event?

The course design is between 7-9 miles.  Competitive teams typically finish in 2 hours.  There is a 3.5 hour cut off.

6) How do I carry my load, and what must it be made up of?

It is dependent on the athlete or team.  Most use backpacks or weight vests.  The load can be made up of text books, plates, sandbags or even tools.   Expendable items such as food and water will not count as weight.

7) Do I have to be a marathon runner or a Crossfitter to be competitive in Night Ops?

Definitely not.  While the fitter athletes that run well have a distinct advantage, if you are smart and tough you will do extremely well.

8) How do you communicate with teams and athletes on the course?

Each team must have at least two smart phones, one as a primary and one as a back up.  These phones must have internet access.  This allows contact with HQ, a way to send and receive messages, and an electronic map of the area.

9) What technology is legal to use during the race, and what is not allowed?
All teams must have at least two smart phones with internet and GPS capabilities.  You can use these phones for anything short of calling someone to pick you up (unless you’ve chosen not to continue).  The only thing not allowed is any other transportation other than by foot.  If you take the bus, a cab, bike, call a friend, whatever, you are out of the race.

10) What about the after party?
We throw an awesome after party.  You’ll cross the finish line and weigh your pack at the doorstep of the after party.  We’ll bring the booze (if you’re over 21).  There’ll also be some delicious food for purchase.  Spectators will need to pay $20 at the door to partake in the beveraging.

11) How do I get one of those kick-ass Night Ops shirts?
We will have a limited number available the day of the event. We’ll post a link to let you preorder too.

12) Can I be a spectator?
There really is no way to spectate during the event. It is best to come early to the after party (pre-party, thanks to you) and cheer on your team as it comes in.  We’ll announce each team’s time as it goes through the checkpoints, so you will know how your team is doing.


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