Packing List

Required equipment for each athlete:

– 20lbs of weight for males / 10lbs of weight for females. This can be a pack or vest. Weight cannot include water

– 1 liter of water

– Sturdy shoes. We strongly recommend not wearing minimalist shoes. Bring a pair of good trail running shoes from someone like Solomon.

– ID and $20 cab fare for those that choose not to finish course.

– Signed waiver

– Fuel of some type (bar, gel, peanut butter)

– Headlamp

–  Smartphone with access to internet / camera / maps / email / facebook / youtube / text messaging

–  Way to waterproof phone

– Headphones

– Change of clothes for after party

Suggestions on weight

Weight Vests are a good option for this event but carrying additional equipment picked up on the course by hand is not easy. We strongly suggest that at least one athlete per team has a pack.

You can carry what ever you want for weight. Many athletes use heavy books and coins, filling the remaining space with clothes to keep load centered and against the back. Some athletes choose to have a little more fun………

20lbs of extremely useful equipment…….